Kendall Liang

Dear Mr. Fink,

Thank you so much for leading the AMA Red Tour.  I had an incredible experience, learning not only about music and friendship and cultures, but also about myself.  I can’t believe I initially had doubts about whether I would enjoy the trip.

Although the students on the tour made the music and the camaraderie, our success would have been impossible without inspirational directors.  I am honored to be a member of the group that you believe has set the new musical standard.  The friendships and memories from AMA will certainly last a lifetime. 

Thank you

Kendall Liang
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Head Director

Gary Fink

Symphonic Band Directors

Dan Miller
Taylor Rehe
Jennifer Pham

Concert Choir Directors

Graham Terry
Holden Maiorana
Emily Obenauer

String Orchestra Directors

Dave Beck
Eileen Miller

Jazz Band Directors

Gary Fink
Alex Miller