Music Preparation

AMA Red Music Tour

The AMA Red Tour has a long tradition of playing music at a high level. Since we have only 2 days of ensemble rehearsal time before our first performance, it is necessary for you to have your music ready BEFORE you arrive at our rehearsal at the college. The following materials will assist you in your preparation.

Music Preparation Information (Dropbox Link-available in the spring)

This folder contains:

  • Music letters for each ensemble with repertoire lists and ensemble specific instructions
  • Brass Warmups
  • Percussion Part and Equipment Assignments and the Required Mallet list.
  • List of Selected Sections to Record

AMA Reference Recordings (Dropbox link-available in the spring)

This folder contains recordings of all the music we will be performing plus Jazz Band solo section materials

Music Preparation Schedule

These are your weekly assignments.

Learn the selected sections of the following pieces, record a video and upload to the Portal by the dates listed below. 

Lists of Selected Sections to Record can be found here. (available in the spring)