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In order for the Red Tour to maintain its high level of musical performance, we need you to make a recording so we can choose music that will make you sound good, and to assist us with your placement in the ensemble. Below is information to assist you in making that recording.

Click the links below for information on what you should record for your seating recording.

How to Make a High Quality Video Recording

SMARTPHONE: The Camera app on your phone will probably do a very good job of making a video recording.  That will be the easiest way for you to make your recording.

COMPUTER: Most computers have built in cameras. There are many free software programs such as iMovie, Quicktime, Windows Movie Maker and VLC that will turn your computer into a video recording device.

If you have an external microphone and can connect it to your computer or phone, you may be able to get a better recording.

IMPORTANT – Always remember to watch and listen to the video before you send it!

  1. Pick a quiet, well lit location without distracting sounds or other activity.
  2. Position the camera (smartphone/computer) so it is about at least 4 feet away and pointing at you and your instrument.
  3. Make a short test recording while playing a short, loud section of music. Use headphones or earbuds to listen back to what you recorded.  (It is difficult to judge quality on most built in computer speakers.)  If the recording sounds distorted, lower the recording level with the software controls or on your computers control panel.  If you can’t find any recording level controls, move the camera farther away.
  4. Once you have a good looking and sounding setup, announce your name and what you are playing and make your recording.  Look and listen back to the recording.  Redo until you have a good performance.
  5. Label the video clearly. (Last Name, First Name, Instrument/Voice, Title)
  6. If you made several videos,  combine them into one video.  (See info below)
  7. Very Important! VERY IMPORTANT! VERY IMPORTANT!  Before you upload – LISTEN and LOOK AT IT to make sure it is what you expected.  We often get videos that won’t play, blank recordings or embarrassing outtakes.
  8. Upload your file

Combining multiple videos into one file


  1. Open the first video clip in Quicktime.
  2. Go to Edit>Add Clip to End
  3. Select the next video clip and click Choose Media
  4. If you have more videos to add, go to Edit>Insert Clip after Selection. and repeat step 3.
  5. Once you are done click Done.
  6. Click File> Close.
  7. Name the video and Click Save.

While in Quicktime, you can send the video to YouTube directly with the share icon on the right side of the player .

 Combine videos with Windows Media Player

Combine videos with iMovie on iPhone

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