Elsa G. Reese

To the American Music Abroad Red Tour,

On July 2nd, my family and I had a marvelous, unforgettable experience.  We attended the farewell concert of the Red Tour at East Stroudsburg University.    We enjoyed every minute of it.  I was amazed to see how well prepared the participants were, after only 2 days of practice.  The sound of the music was fantastic.  The students sang and played their instruments with such precision and great harmony.  It was an evening of incomparable experience.

I am so glad Sinizia was a part of your group this year.  The whole event was an incredible experience that none of us will ever forget.  I commend the music directors and the staff for a job well done!!

Every person on the tour was caring, thoughtful and extremely professional. Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter.  Sinizia had a delightful time in Europe.



Elsa G. Reese
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Head Director

Gary Fink

Symphonic Band Directors

Dan Miller
Taylor Rehe
Jennifer Pham

Concert Choir Directors

Graham Terry
Holden Maiorana
Emily Obenauer

String Orchestra Directors

Dave Beck
Eileen Miller

Jazz Band Directors

Gary Fink
Alex Miller