Pre-Tour College Rehearsal Information

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What happens at check-in?

You will check in, ideally between 11:30 am and noon.

First, you will get your Europe suitcase weighed to make sure it is under 35 lbs.  If it is overweight, you will have to remove items to get it under 35 lbs.

Next, you’ll show us your passport.

Next, you’ll get a bunch of stuff: Schedules, polo shirt, passport pouch, itineraries, meal card and room key.

You will then go to your dorm room, check your room for linens and damage.  You’ll unpack and eat lunch if you haven’t done so beforehand.(Lunch is on your own – not provided.)

Before 1:00 you’ll go to the rehearsal space with your music, pencil, music stand, instrument(s), passport and pouch. You’ll say goodbye to your parents and begin rehearsal!

(Parents – once you have brought your son/daughter to the dorm, you are free to go.)

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What linens are provided the college?

At the college you will receive: 2 flat bed sheets, a pillowcase, a pillow, a cotton blanket, 2 bath towels and a washcloth.

You need to bring:  Soap and any other toiletries.


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What’s the schedule on the day of the concert?

We will have rehearsals in the morning. After lunch we will have more rehearsals and Dress Rehearsals  for each group.

Sometime between 2:00 and 4:30, students will be released.  The exact time will depend on what group(s) they are in.

Students will go back to the dorms, freshen up, change into their uniform and meet their parents for dinner.  We suggest going out to dinner, although it is possible to eat dinner on campus.

Students are to be back in the Fine Arts Building at 6:45 to warmup.

Parents are to be seated in the concert hall at 7:00 for a final information meeting.

The concert will start at 7:30 and will be over between 9:00 and 9:30. At that time, parents can collect the college suitcase and have a little time for an after concert treat.  Students must be back by 11:00 pm for an important orientation session.


8:00 am  Rehearsals

12:00 pm Lunch

12:45 pm  Rehearsals/Dress Rehearsals/Recording Sessions

2:00-4:30 pm Dismissal, Freshen up, Change into uniform, Eat Dinner

6:45 pm Students call time for concert

7:00 pm Parent Meeting

7:30 pm Concert

9:00/9:30 pm Concert concludes

11:00 pm Orientation Session

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What money will participants need while at the college?

Everything is included in the tour cost while at the college, so participants may not need any money while there.

There are vending machines for purchasing snacks, a bookstore to purchase college apparel or merchandise, and there is a Starbucks and a strip mall located walking distance from the campus.  But all meals are included in the tour cost, so you may not need to spend any money.

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Can a student have a car on campus?

No.  Parents should drop off students at the college or have them ride with another participant.

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What happens with the Europe suitcase after it’s weighed?

You will keep the suitcase with you – You will need your uniform, music stand, toiletries and other stuff that you’ll take on tour.  For more info – see the Luggage FAQ

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What’s the deal with the “College” Suitcase?

We recommend packing two suitcases – the suitcase for traveling in Europe, and a smaller one (a small duffel or backpack) with the clothing for your stay at the college.

That way, when you are done at the college, your parents can take home all the dirty clothing, (including any denim you may have chosen to wear at the college), and other stuff you won’t need on tour.

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When can I pick up the collge suitcase from my son/daughter?

If you are leaving after the concert, you will have about an hour after the concert to collect anything not needed on tour and take it home.

If you are staying overnight, you can pick up the stuff right after breakfast (around 8:00) or before the busses depart for the airport.

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What do I do with my dirty laundry if no one is coming to pick up my stuff after the concert?

There are washing machines and dryers in the dorm, so you can do a load of laundry after the recording session.

There is a charge for using them, and you will need to supply your own soap (which you will already have for washing clothes while on tour.)

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