Sharon and Michael Williams

Please accept our very belated, yet heartfelt Thank You for making Aidan’s first-ever trip to Europe so memorable and meaningful. He thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the Red Tour trip, from the music and new friends, to the magnificent vistas, history and various countries. He is well aware that most adults don’t ever have the opportunity to see all that he has seen. (Thank you, also, for ensuring he had roommates for the remainder of the trip.) I have to mention that it was such a pleasure speaking with your wife in the auditorium at that very first concert in East Stroudsburg. 

We have seen how music can serve as a kind of a springboard from which to jump in and appreciate life to its fullest. The tour, under your guidance, truly did that for Aidan and we are sincerely grateful. If you are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by! 

Thank you again.

Sharon and Michael Williams
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