Francine Giorello

Mr. Fink,

We want to thank you (and all of the directors) for your part in providing our daughter, Giana Giorello, with an awesome, once in a lifetime experience-(although she is already making references to packing changes she will make next year)!  Her favorite place was Ljubljana!

She had a wonderful time and made some great friends.  Some of the kids will be getting together this weekend!

The pictures, the music, the hotels, the recommendations were all phenomenal.  Thank you!  With all that is going on in the world right now, we are extremely grateful that Giana got to see some of the world safely.  Thank you for the Facebook posts, the Remind Me updates and the invaluable information given beforehand via the numerous newsletters.  Bravo!  Well done! She knew she wanted to go and even though she was the only person she knew going into the experience (not even Mrs. “G”-Karen Gorzynski, who has attended in the past, was going), I was confident she would have a great time!  Bravo!  Well done!

Thank you!

Francine and Harry Giorello

Francine Giorello
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