What kind of luggage do you recommend?

  1. First, look for something that weighs less than 14 lbs.  Bring a bathroom or luggage scale to weigh prospective suitcases.  Most luggage stores have hand held luggage weighing scales.
  2. Second, look for something with INLINE wheels.  We will be traveling over cobblestones, and suitcases with small exposed wheels will soon find themselves victims of wheel amputation.
  3. Third, look for something with decent zippers, latches and handles.  It’s no fun toting a suitcase that won’t stay closed, or has a broken handle. Most students find that duffle bags with wheels work well.  They are soft sided, making them lighter, and allow for needed expansion as souvenir purchases increase.
  4. While you are purchasing a suitcase, purchase a luggage strap – just in case!

For Carry-ons – We recommend a backpack.

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