What kind of folding music stand do you recommend?

Fold Up Music Stand


If you have a music stand that fits in your instrument case and will not damage your instrument, you can bring it.

Otherwise, you will need a Hamilton KB400N or something similar. (See photo on the left. Any color music stand is fine.)

It should separate into 2 sections and fold up compactly.  It will need to fit in your suitcase on the airplane, and in our rolling cases while on tour.  When folded up, the bottom part of the stand must be less than 26″ and the top must be less than 20″

DO NOT bring a stand with a solid/non-collapsing desk (the part that holds the music) or one with thick tubes.  It will take up too much space, may not fit in our case or your suitcase, and you will be responsible for schlepping it around yourself.

IMPORTANT!!!  Before you arrive at the college, label the top and bottom of your stand with your name.


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