What is the suitcase weigh-in process?

You should have a separate suitcase/overnight bag just for use at ESU.

At East Stroudsburg, the first thing that will happen is we will weigh your Europe suitcase and carry-on.  Pack your uniform in your suitcase along with everything else that you plan to travel with.  Make sure your suitcase is less than 35 lbs, or we will have you remove items until your suitcase is an allowable weight.  (This can be embarrassing to do with everyone waiting in line, so weigh it before you get to ESU.)  The suitcase must be less than 62 dimensional inches (L x W xH) Charges for oversize suitcases are $300.  (Really!)

After weigh-in, your suitcase goes on to the dorm room with you.

We recommend that you do not use the Europe suitcase at ESU except for your uniform, toiletries and the wire music stand (which will be in your suitcase for the flight).  That will help you avoid changing the weight, which might result in an issue at the airport.  If your suitcase is overweight, you will have to pay for the extra fees, which have become quite expensive. ($150 or more in 2013).  You also want to be sure you have room and extra weight available for bringing home souvenirs.

Your carry-on should be less than 17 lbs. and fit under your bed.  We recommend using a backpack.


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