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We had a question about mail. Will students be able to receive mail at the hotels they are staying at, and would it reach them?

Yes, they can receive mail at the hotels (but read on!). The amount of time it takes for mail to get from the U.S. to any given hotel is extremely variable so you will need send letters 10 or more days in advance!

The best way to send something physical – by far – is to use a FAX. When you arrive at the college, the final printed Itinerary will give the fax numbers for every tour-stop. If you send a fax, it will be delivered by the hotel staff to Mr. Fink or one of the other directors. In some towns, the Red Tour might be divided into several small hotels. At least one of the Directors will be in the hotel with the fax machine.

The faxes received at each hotel are handed out to students at breakfast and dinner. It’s a really nice treat, actually, and every year students get pretty excited about getting a note from home.

Some people send a handwritten letter, while others get a little more extravagant with drawings, puzzles, or a photocopied hometown newspaper article. Anything from home is nice!

IMPORTANT – Whether it is a letter or a fax, ALWAYS put  “AMA RED TOUR” and your child’s name clearly on the first page of the fax or envelope.

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