Is there any lee-way with the 35 lb rule for the luggage?

Trying to cram all of the clothes and everything else, shoes, toiletries, and whatnot into a suitcase with a low weight limit it pretty hard. Can I hide clothes in my instrument case?

The weight limit is a compact between the AMA company and the airlines, and we have no way to allow anything other than what AMA has put in print. Also, this accounts for extra weight and space for souvenirs on the trip home.  Fees for excess weight (over 50 lbs) are $150 .  If your suitcase is overweight, you are responsible for the cost. In 2016, 4 people had to pay $150 because of overweight or extra baggage.

Make wise choices about clothing and stick to the limit. If you use the packing guide in the April Newsletter, you should be fine.  You’ll find that you’ll have plenty of clothing if you choose wisely, especially because the Staff will remind you when the ‘good’ laundry nights will be (i.e., when you stay in the same hotel for two nights, the first night becomes an excellent opportunity to wash your clothes).

Also remember that you’ll be carrying your suitcase, carry-on in the hotels.  Sometimes the busses cannot park near the hotel, and you may need to carry your suitcase down a cobblestone street.  Many of the hotels have small (or zero) elevators. Thirty-five pounds will be plenty when you have to climb stairs at 10PM!

That said, you can put clothing in your instrument case if you want. Especially for cases like Tubas, Euphoniums, and perhaps Trombone & Bari Sax, sometimes clothing can actually help protect the instrument as ‘padding’.

REMEMBER – When traveling – Less is More!

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