How much time will be spent preparing for the concert?

Once we leave the USA, we’ll have *zero* rehearsals. For that reason, the 3 days at the college will be jam packed with rehearsals, coaching, sectionals, and whatever else we need in order to have a great final product before we leave. The Farewell Concert will actually be a “dress rehearsal” for the Tour, and  we’ll have a professional recording session to make your CD BEFORE we even leave on the Tour. That’s another reason that everyone must be as prepared as possible before arriving.

Now, in Europe … When we perform a Concert, we’ll pull into the venue, unload the coach/trailer, set up the stage, and then ALL the groups will perform. When we’ve finished, some of the cities will have arranged for a Reception!  It’s a great cultural sharing time, and they are very hospitable. 

On non-Concert days, the Red Tour will pack in as much unforgettable sight-seeing as possible.  Red Tour band directors do often recommend that brass players keep a mouthpiece in your carry-on for buzzing, but if you do that, make sure it’s an *extra* one so the original never leaves your case.

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