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What’s the deal with laundry?

Am I really going to do it myself, in my room?

Yes, you’ll be doing it in the bathroom of your hotel, either in the sink or the tub.

You should bring a double ziplock bag with powdered laundry soap, laundry soap sheets or some travel packets.  Powdered soap has gotten harder to find, but look for a small box of Woolite or Dreft.  Powdered soap is much easier to deal with – liquids can (and will) leak.  The packets of liquid detergent will work, but you have to commit to one packet per load.  Sometimes it’s too much, and sometimes not enough. Laundry soap sheets are new and very convenient.

Do a search for Laundry Soap Sheets, or Laundry Soap Sheets for Travel

You’ll also want something to use as a clothes line (I use about 30 feet of 1/4″ polypropylene rope that I picked up in a hardware store), some clothespins, and some heavy duty suction cups with hooks.  Bring two large plastic trash bags – one for dirty laundry and one for laundry that my not be dry when we leave the hotel.

We’ll go over the details of how to wash clothes in great detail at the orientation sessions before we leave.

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Can’t I just go to a laundromat and do laundry there?

You can, but consider this:

  1. You’ll need to carry a bag of dirty clothes with you during your free time.
  2. You’ll need to read the instructions for buying soap in a foreign language, and have the correct amount in euro for change.
  3. You’ll need to read the instructions for operating the washing machine and dryer in a foreign language, and have the correct amount of change to operate the machines.
  4. It will take about 2 hours, and you’ll need to do it during free time, when you would be sight seeing.

              Is this a good idea?  What do you think?

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What do I do with my dirty laundry if no one is coming to pick up my stuff after the concert?

There are washing machines and dryers in the dorm, so you can do a load of laundry after the recording session.

There is a charge for using them, and you will need to supply your own soap (which you will already have for washing clothes while on tour.)

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