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What’s the hotel rooming situation?

This varies depending where the Red Tour stays. The rooming assignments will all be set up by the AMA home office before the tour leaves, and the staff will receive a packet showing how the rooms are organized at each stop on the Tour. You’ll generally be with the same roommate for much of the Tour, sometimes you’ll be in pairs, while other times there will be 3 to 6 in a room. The hotels are often very different from here in the in the USA, and from each other. We’ll stay in great hotels the entire time, but some of them (like in Dinkelsbuhl) might have been built more than 500 years ago!! Some aspects of hotel stays are very different: Elevators (they’re small), showers (some have no curtain!), room keys (you’ll often have to turn them TWICE all the way around), windows & doors (there are no screens … but then there are almost no insects!), and even the way the floors are numbered (the “Lobby” is often on the 2nd floor!)

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Will our hotel rooms all have irons and hairdryers?

The hotel rooms are widely varied. Most are very updated, and will remind you somewhat of American hotels, while other (especially in Dinkelsbuhl) will have been built literally hundreds of years ago. Over the years, we’ve found hairdryers in most hotel rooms and irons in about 50% of them. All things considered, here’s our recommendation: if you used the Roommate Request form and know in advance who you’ll be with, then make a plan with the roommate(s) to carry only ONE small-sized Travel Iron among your group. On the other hand, if you have pants/skirts/blazers with a high content of polyester, nylon or other synthetic fabric, follow the AMA instructions about rolling your clothes and you’ll be surprised how few wrinkles you’ll get. Also, the dress shirts marked “wrinkle-free” aren’t truly wrinkle-free, but they do provide some degree of protection.

Three final thoughts

  1. Take a small spray bottle of wrinkle-remover (available in the laundry section of the supermarket) and practice using it before leaving the states. It can work very well. Bring a hanger with you for your concert clothes.
  2. If you’re really concerned, try this – buy a sheet of 1/4″ foamboard (like you’d use for school presentations) and create a “form” for your concert clothes to stay flat. It is almost weightless.
  3. As soon as you check into your hotel room each time, make it a priority to get the concert clothes out of the luggage, hand-smooth any big wrinkles, and hang the clothes. If you hang them in the bathroom, the extra moisture will often help release the wrinkles.

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What toiletries will the hotels have?

The days of small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion are over.  Now most hotels will have a squeeze bottle of Shampoo/Body wash.

There will be bath and hand towels, but no washcloth, so you should bring your own if you need one.

Also – There will not be any toiletries suppled at the college, so you will need to bring everything for the college stay.

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