Converting a CD Recording to MP3 File Using iTunes

iTunes is free software that comes on Apple computers, and can be downloaded for free to PCs. There are other programs like “FreeRipmp3” for PCs. Below are instructions for using iTunes.

Open iTunes
  1. Go to “Preferences“
  2. Under the “General” tab look for and click “Import Settings”
  3. For “Import using:” select “MP3 Encoder”
  4. For “Setting” select “High Quality”
  5. Click OK
  6. Insert the CD into your computer
  7. The CD should show up in your iTunes list
  8. Click on the track you want to convert
  9. Go to “File” > “Get Info”
  10. Click the tab that says “Info”
  11. In the “Name” box, give a name to the track, e.g “Zishin, Moe-Red-Alto Sax-Prairie Dances”
  12. If there are multiple tracks you want to convert, click “Next” and repeat
  13. When all tracks are named, Click OK
  14. Check the box to the name of the track(s) you want to convert. Uncheck any you do not want.
  15. At the top right, click “Import CD”

iTunes will create mp3 files of the tracks you have selected.

Finally, use your computer’s “Search” or “Find” function to locate the mp3 files on your computer, and send the files to us.

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